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Auditorium                                   ^

The school has a modern aesthetically designed, centrally air-conditioned auditorium. It is equipped with the latest sound and lighting systems and can accomodate upto 300 persons

Art Room                                     ^

The foundation of each class is drawing. All students learn the basics of sketching. Then lessons in still life, landscape, portrait, and cartooning are taught. Techniques with pencil, markers, charcoal, pastels, ink, acrylic, and watercolors are demonstrated. Personal creativity is stressed.image

Art and Painting activities provide children with an outlet for self-expression. It is an important tool for emotional expression as well. Art also enhances children’s cognitive development which can help them with their early math skills.

We have different Art Rooms for different departments. Keeping in view the different age groups Art Rooms are equipped with different facilities. Emphasis is on small classes with strong individual attention. With the guidance provided by skilled art instructors, students gain self-confidence as they explore and develop their artistic ability. At The Art Room every student SHINES.

We provide a positive and nurturing learning experience that encourages our students to use their imagination. At the same time students begin to acquire an art vocabulary and are introduced to well known artists.
Art supplies are available in The Art Room for class use. As students learn about quality of materials, they will know what to invest in for their personal use. Buying kits with various markers and paints should be avoided.

Assembly Ground                         ^


We have assembly grounds at both the campuses - Pusa Road , GR Campus. Assembly Ground is surrounded with Trees all over having a stage.

Canteen                                        ^


Bal Bharati Public School GR has a canteen which serves students as well as staff. We discourage students to eat junk foods. Students are motivated to bring fruits and healthy snacks from home. Canteen also offers only nutritious items like  Dosa, IdlI Vada, Popcorn, Lemon Soda, Cold Coffee, Cold Milk, Fruit Juice etc.

Classroom Library                        ^


A significant innovation has been the creation of a library in each classroom which has proved very useful in encouraging students to read the best of books by the best of authors. The class library consists of 5 copies each of 10 to 15 titles suitable for different age groups - which are classics, all time favourite or best selling. Constant exposure to books in the classroom also triggers a healthy urge among students for reading.

Computer Labs                             ^

All students from Class II onwards learn computer language and operation. There are four air-conditioned labs equipped with the latest generation of computers and printers. Computer Science has also been introduced as an elective subject at the +2 level.

Financial and Accounting operation, the Library operation and as well as examination system and generation of results have been computerised, thereby streamlining the school administration and management.

IT enabled Smart Class Programme   ^

In collaboration with Edu-comp, a leading service provider, a state-of-the -art Smart Class Programme has been introduced. Starting with three classes(Class I,II &III) in 2008 and three classes(Classes IV,V & VI) in 2009, the entire school will be covered within a couple of years. Each classroom covered so far has been equipped with a wall mounted 42" plasma display screen and a Teacher computer CPU as well as a whole range of course material incorporating the CBSE syllabus with graphics, diagrams, illustrations and animation in 3D format. All this has made the classroom learning more interesting and has stimulated the students to visually capture the more complex anmd elusive concepts. By becoming more actively engaged, they have developed a desire to know more and more.The Smart Class Programme has turned the abstract into concrete, it is mind stimulating and has helped in improving concentration and comprehension.

A knowledge Centre has also been created to help the teacher with resource material to adapt to her distinctive needs and style. Altogether, it has made the teaching - and - learning a lot less stereotyped and a lot more fun as well as it has sparked an urge in the students to share their newly acquired knowledge which in turn has helped to improve their communicational skills.


Laboratories                                 ^

To enhance the learning ability and skill, the school has an independent laboratory system. Six state of the art labs including Physics, Chemistry, Life sciences, Computer Science, Electronic Lab and Geography Labs give the students extensive practical experience to supplement the theories learnt in the classroom. The laboratories are up-to-date, equipped with audiovisual teaching aids, learning kits and the best apparatus for conducting experiments

It also has four computer labs, one each for Primary Pusa Road, Primary GR Campus, Middle, Secondary and Sr. Secondary Classes.

Library                                         ^


The school believes that every individual is a learner throughout his life and there is no better way to gain knowledge and wisdom than reading a book. The school has started a system of class libraries where around 60 books are kept in every section from Class I to VIII. These books are carefully selected by teachers keeping in mind the age group of children.

The school also has three well equipped libraries with large stock of good books including Encyclopedias, Fiction, Reference Books etc. All the libraries also have large number of magazines and journals. Libraries are managed by a school management system (sms) under which issue and receipt of books is computerized and this system also helps the Librarian, Teachers and Principal to keep a track of the books read by any child in the school.

The system of bar coding has been initiated in the middle department library to facilitate the accession process, the stock taking and keeping track of books in the library.

Each Librarian is helped by a library committee headed by VP/HM and consisting of teachers of different subjects. The library committee meets every month to discuss the functioning of the library to select recommended books, to visit book fairs and to acquire suitable books for the students.

Under the guidance of Mr J C Ajmani, IFS Retired, Executive Director, Child Education Society a list of 660 books has been prepared which consists of good reading material. All these titles are available in libraries for ready reference of students and teachers.

The libraries are arranged in an open shelf system so that the students have direct access and each library also has comfortable furniture where students can sit and read. All the libraries have also been provided with computers and shortly internet facility will also be available in these computers.

Following activities have been conducted in the middle department library under the guidance of Ms Meenakshi Minocha in the year 2008-09.

  1. Cover page drawing .
  2. Writing thought of the day on vase/basket .
  3. Collect information on important days/events .
  4. Collect information on global warming .
  5. Inter- House - Book mark and slogan writing(Primary Department).
  6. Inter House folder making with book review (Middle Department).
  7. Interactive session with Ms.Anupa Lal.
  8. Science Activity - Best out of waste material.
  9. Write a review on Paper bag .
  10. A file prepared with questions and answers of books read.
  11. News clippings of the year 2008.

To motivate students to make better use of library following awards have been instituted

1. Best Reader from each section of every class is selected twice a year starting from class IV to VIII and a Best Reader Badge is given.

2. Best Reader of the outgoing class of each department is awarded with a certificate and a prize is given for the same.

Any suggestion for further improvement is welcome.

Medical Room                               ^

There is a full time doctor and a nurse or an attendant during school hours in the Medical Room. In the event of an emergency or where an ailment requires specialist attention, the student is immediately transferred to the Ganga Ram Hospital with which the school shares an abiding contract for medical treatment and care of all students and staff. The best of medical attention is available when required.

Music Room                                  ^

The school has a provision to professionally teach instrumental and vocal music under the able guidance of qualified and experienced faculty. The Music Department gives an oppurtunity for learning both Indian classical and Western musical instruments.

School Building & Campus            ^

The total covered area of the two school building complexes at Ganga Ram Hospital Marg and at Pusa Road is around 1.8 lakh sq. ft.

There are six multistoreyed blocks, one for Montessori, two for Primary (one each at Pusa Road & GRH marg), and one block for Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary Department with spacious classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, computer rooms, meal planning lab, electronic lab, audio visual room, workshops, libraries and language lab and rooms for creative activities such as art, painting, music, dance, etc.

Fitness Centre                               ^


The school has a well equipped fitness centre managed by a trained gym instructor. Facilities like treadmill, mechanized cycle. machines for shoulder and abdomen exercises etc. are available.

Sports Facilities                            ^

The school takes special care of physical health and games and sports activities. Under the care of trained physical education teachers and coaches, opportunity is provided for various sports & games such as Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Gymnastics, Athletics, Swimming, Yoga, Aerobics , Karate, Taekwondo, Roller Skating etc. The achievement of the school in the field of games and sports is of very high order. With the conviction that a healthy mind thrives in a healthy body, we aim at participation of each child in at least one game or sport.
The school has a swimming pool at GR campus and a toddler's pool at Pusa Road. The Pusa Road campus also has a Skating rink.

Special instructors are present to teach, guide and personally ensure that the children thoroughly master the sport under safe supervision.

Staff Room                                   ^

Bal Bharati Public School has staff rooms at GRH Marg as well as Pusa Road for the Teaching Staff only. Keeping the convenience of the Faculty Members in mind each staff member is provided with separate locker and fix seating arrangement.