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The Alumni Association of the school attempts to provide a platform wherein the old students can come together to contribute towards the further growth and development of their alma mater. Be it in form of facilities, support in school functions or mentoring students through counseling sessions, the Association constantly endeavours to be beneficial for the school, as well as its members.

The Alumni represents a bonding, not only among members, but also between members and the school-its administration, teachers and students. Consequently, in addition to providing reunion opportunities to its members, the Alumni Association also attempts to establish a fabric of networking among all pass-outs of Bal Bharati Public School. Thus, all can benefit from the huge reservoir of expertise, knowledge, talent, power and position represented by the alumni members, belonging to diverse occupations.

The Story So Far

Ever since its inception in 1972, the Alumni Association has made slow yet steady progress. The Alumni is growing in terms of its numbers as well as the activities/events organized each year. Some of these are - Bharatiyam, a day long fete for the members; Musical Night; Alumni Picnic and Career Counselling sessions for students of class XII etc.

Process of Elections (Managing Committee) Alumni Association

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Bye Laws of the Alumni Association

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