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Dramatics Club

"The pressing need for a Dramatics Club met with fruition when the club was officially announced in 2009. The objective was to tap nascent talent and fine tune the existing potential among students. The Dramatics Club of our school is a perfect platform for budding artistes to hone their skills. The club provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in all aspects of play production.

  • The Dramatics Club organised the staging of the play, "Qisse Soojh Boojh Ke" based on Wisdom Tales on 7 October 2015 in the school auditorium. The specially designed production for children, directed by Sh. Bansi Kaul, was showcased by the actor - teachers of Sanskaar Rang Toli, also referred to as Theatre-in-Education Co. of National School of Drama. The mesmerizing presentation, with elaborate sets, impressive props, costumes etc. was replete with practical wisdom and humour, and appreciated by all.
  • A meeting of the Dramatics Club incharges of the Primary, Middle and Senior Department was held on 17 April 2012 with the intention of giving the club an all school image.
  • Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has been selected as the literary work to be performed in September.
  • Screening of the 2009 film version of Christmas Carol was organised for the Dramatics Club members on 9 May 2012. Thereafter an interactive session was held to arouse the interest of the members and gauge their understanding of the film.
  • Research work on Dickens and Christmas Carol was undertaken during the summer vacation by the teachers and students members.
  • The club showcased a Hindi play 'Jis Lahore Nai Dekhya, O Jamyai Nai, by Asghar Wajahat on 3 September 2011 in the school auditorium. The illustrious author of the play, Mr.Wajahat was the chief guest.