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Economics Club

All students studying Economics in the Senior Secondary Department are members of this club. The aim of the club is to sensitize the students to economic changes taking place all over the world. The club also provides a platform to students to exchange and express their views on worldwide happenings in the field of Economics.

  • The Economics Club organised an Inter House competition, 'Talk Show' on 23 July 2015 focusing on the topics, 'The Greek Dilemma' and 'Make in India'. Using props and slides, students presented an in-depth analysis of their respective topics.
  • The Economics Club updated its display board in the library on the theme "Gross Domestic Product and Employment in the Indian Economy". A variety of visuals ranging from cartoons to charts have been used to highlight these issues.
  • The Economics Club organized "Face Off", an Inter-school role play based competition as a part of PULSE 2015. Each team enacted two opposing concepts from a list of selected topics using relevant props. The idea was to enliven and bring clarity to concepts in Economics and Statistics. The first prize was bagged by Tagore International School. Some of the interesting topics were Mean vs. Median, Census vs. Sample Survey, Commercial Vs. Central Bank.
  • In December, the Economics Club organised 'Cartoon Making' for all Economics students of class XI. 'Employment Situation in India' and 'Infrastructure' were the topics given to students.
  • "Lack of Employment Opportunities in India" is the theme being showcased by the club through its display board in the Senior Library.
  • Economics Club conducted an Inter School competition 'Pictonomics' during PULSE 2014 on 5 May 2014. 11 schools took part in the competition. Each team comprised of three members from classes XI and XII -2 visual presenters and 1 speaker. The visual presenters were given two hours to complete the art work on the chosen topic. The speaker elaborated on the chosen topic using the visual presentation. Mr S K Aggarwal (Chief Resource Person, Kshitij Education Centre) and Mr Swapan Karmakar (TGT Arts) were the judges.
  • The Economics Club organized 'Face to Face', a talk show as a part of PULSE 2013 held at BBPS, GRH Marg on 6 May 2013.

    Twelve schools participated in the event. Each school was represented by two participants. The competition involved the simulation of a famous economist interacting with a journalist. JM Keynes, Adam Smith and Amartya Sen were the popular choice of economists that students represented. The ideas of these economists were presented in context of the present times.

  • Economics Club organized 'Eco-Expo', an Inter School Poster Making Competition on 27 April 2011 under PULSE, the Book Week of our school. Seventeen schools participated in this exciting event. The topics given were: Globalization, Food Security, Human Capital and Consumer Rights. Each school team comprising of two students, had to choose one of the topic for display. The judges, Mr. R Sarkar, Professor, College of Arts (Delhi University) and Ms Suman Dhawan, Professor of Business Management and Economics were impressed by the colourful and evocative presentations.