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Electronic Club

Hemarika Gupta and Charvee Vohra (IX G) prepared a display board on the topic 'Electronics Today' in the Junior Physics Lab. Students showcased various applications of electronics with the help of write-ups and electronic circuits.

Preliminary session was organized on 8th & 21st August. Members were explained the activities planned for the entire year. Following projects have been made:

  • A Question Answer Session on electronics was held for students of classes IX & X on 20 November 2014.
  • Charts and write-ups on 'Electronics A Daily Life Friend' were displayed in the Junior Physics Lab by volunteers of Electronics club.
  • Bhavya Jain, Chahat Jain, Anuj Kumar Goel, Ananya Aggarwal, Saiyam Arora of class IX H made a 'ROBOT' using resistors, capacitors, transistors etc.
  • Green & Red Decorative lights by Ansh Sarin (IX E), Varun Kohli (IX E), Akshit Verma (IX C).
  • Model of Electricity Supply System in homes by Hemarika Gupta (IX G).
  • Electromagnets using copper wire by Ashish (X B).