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The organization, Pearson, is committed to providing education that helps people to make progress in their lives through learning. Tamara Minick-Scokalo, President, Growth; and John Fallon, Chief Executive along with other team members visited the school on 17 March 2015 in an endeavour to know more about the educational system in India.


In the first week of March 2015, British Council India in association with the British High Commission organised online competitions for school students to participate and be a part of a historic event in London namely unveiling of Mahatma Gandhi's bronze statue at Britain's Parliament Square on 14 March 2015. Sanaya Mahajan and Muskan Mehta of class X participated in category 3 wherein they submitted a 30-second video message on the theme 'What message would Gandhiji give to our country if he was alive today?' The videos have been uploaded on YouTube and the links have been mailed to British Council. The paintings of Soumya Sucharita Panda (VA), Toshi Pahadia (V A) and Sanya Virmani (V C) on the topic ' Life Of Mahatma Gandhi' for category 1 were mailed on 7 March 2015 to feoindia@gmail.com and isa.india@britishcouncil.org


The school has been actively involved in the EUmIND (Europe meets India) project for two years; therefore the institution has been bestowed with an opportunity to participate in a student exchange programme in May 2015. Under this, 10 selected students will be travelling to I Liceum Ogólnoksztalcace, Poland for a week. They'll be staying with families of host children of the school. Later these host students will visit their Indian counterparts in November 2015. The project work during Exchange Programme will focus on ' Language' and 'Folk Dances' of two countries. The major objective of EUmIND has been to create global citizens and promote international integration. The exchange programme will hence act as a catalyst for students from both the countries to interact, learn and grow with each other.


Under the aegis of EUmIND project, 20 students from Middle Department interacted with students from Sondervick College, Netherlands via a videoconference session held on 27 January 2015 in the Middle Dept Computer Lab from 2:00-3:00 pm. The interaction focused on the sub-topics of their respective projects, namely - Friendship; Weddings and Marriages; Festivals and Celebrations and Grandparents. The interaction also included a question-answer session in which students from the school and their counterparts in Europe reflected on the culture and traditions of both the countries.


The school has been granted the Robert Bosch Project 2015-16 funded by Robert Bosch Stiftung in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi for the fourth consecutive year. Students of BBPSGR will work with students of Geneva Gymnasium, Cologne, Germany on an year long project on the theme 'Happiness - Conceptions of a Fulfilled Life'. The project work will also be supported by exchange visits of students and teachers in the session 2015-16.


Two of our students, Arpita Sharma (IX H) and Shreya Mehta (VIII A) have been selected for the Youth Camp in St. Peter Ording, Germany scheduled from 3 to 23 May 2015. The programme under the aegis of Goethe Institut not only includes German lessons, but also activities and an introduction to the higher education system in Germany.


As a part of EUmIND (Arts) Project, drawings of six of our students have been selected for 'Certificate Excellence Best Drawing' category. The evaluation was done by the International Jury Members, Mr. Hans de Ponti and Ms Nelleke van Grootel. The students are: Anshu Goel (VIII B), Sukriti Rathore (VIII B), Ananya Vashist (VIII B), Tanishka Sanwaria (VIII A), Sanjana Patel (VIII A) & Aditi Samanta (VII H).


It makes me proud to share with you that as a part of Earth Master Rock Sample Project held during World Space Week in October 2013, the rock sample of Saksham Bhutani (VIII A) was sent to Austrian Space Forum in Innsbruck, Austria. It was one amongst the 33 rock samples selected worldwide to be mixed and processed with the fragments from a Mars meteorite by the crystal manufacturer Swarovski. On 25 February 2015, Saksham received a limited edition, Tiuterra Crystal, manufactured by Swarovski. It is a precious symbol of the worldwide support of space exploration.


Vice Principal, Ms Geeta Gangwani attended the Annual BCSA Meet in Kolkata on 4 & 5 November 2014. Around 40 selected BCSAs from all over India attended the Meet and the felicitated by the British Council for their outstanding support and contribution to Connected Classroom Programmes. The upcoming British Council Programmes and activities for students, teachers and school leaders were shared. Vice Principal Ms Geeta Gangwani was on Board in the five member committee constituted to update the British Council International School Award Manual. In this connection Ms Gangwani attended the one day conference in Kolkata on 19 November 2014. Work on the Manual is in progress.


Under Face to Faith Programme, students of the Middle Department were engaged in a dialogue with the students of Xavier Univ HS - Ateneo de Cagayan – PHILIPPINES, Nottingham Girls- UNITED KINGDOM and Maria Ausiliatrice- ITALY   via a Video Conference on the Topic- Human Rights on 11 December 2014. The main agenda of the VC was to solicit the views of the children on importance of freedom of religion. The VC was addressed by Father Ajaya from Odisha, India. He shared his views on the religious rights of Dalit Converts. This was followed by an interactive session on rights and beliefs of the minorities.


BBPS GR played host to a 13 member delegation from Genoveva Gymnasium, Cologne, Germany from 23 November to 6 December 2014. The group consisting of 11 students and 2 teachers were here as a part of the German-Indian Classroom Programme - a joint endeavor by Robert Bosch Stiftung and Goethe Institut, New Delhi. The two schools are jointly working on a yearlong project on the theme: 'Envisioning Schools: What Learning is like in India and Germany and What it Could Be'. The German teachers and students stayed at their Indian partners' families and attended school. The students of both the schools worked collaboratively on the project and compared time table, examination pattern and facilities available in Indian and German schools. In addition they attended Yoga, Dance, sports and Art classes. They also visited PR Campus and observed Montessori classes. A number of excursions in Delhi and a trip to Agra were also organized for the group. Keeping in mind the theme of this year's project, a special trip to Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai, Sonipat was also organized. In the farewell ceremony organized on 5 December 2014, the collaborative work done by the students was showcased through a PowerPoint presentation. The art work prepared by the German students also found a special place and viewership in the exhibition. The German students presented a dance on the tunes of Rajasthani and Bengali folk music. Mr. Philipp Schmolke, the German teacher thanked the school and the host families for their endless support. Vice Principal, Ms. Geeta Gangwani, in her address talked about the bond between two schools and stressed on the fact that how hardwork can lead to strong global alliances. The year-long project will culminate in May 2015 with 13 students and 2 teachers from BBPS, GRH Marg visiting the partner school in Germany.


Under the aegis of ISA, 'Healthy Junk'-making food a treat for the taste buds as well health, was a hands-on activity taken up by the Senior department. Through the competition, intended to inculcate good eating habits, participants were instructed to transform popular junk food eaten in 8 different countries namely-UK, Poland, Italy, France, China, UAE, Lebanon and India-into healthier alternatives.  The competition involved 2 stages- first the compilation of a research folder containing details of the country allocated, its popular street/junk food and a comparative analysis of the calorific and nutritional value of the junk vs. the healthy alternative, along with the recipe of the dish prepared. The second stage involved the cooking and presentation of the dish along with a speech describing the process. The judges for the occasion were Ms Mukta Vashisht, Head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Ganga Ram Hospital and Mr Anil Chibber, Senior Catering Manager at Sir Ganga Ram hospital.


The Primary Department, GR campus celebrated the Universal Children's Day on 21 November 2014. To mark the occasion, a special assembly was held, where students presented cultural items. Children's rights and issues were highlighted through articles, posters, poems and skit. Students presented items showing how this day is celebrated around the world with special focus on UK, Canada, New Zealand and India. A group of students and teachers visited Bal Sahyog, A Children's Home & Shelter, and donated food items & clothes.


Under the aegis of EUmIND project, 20 students from Middle Department (under VALUES subgroup) interacted with students from Nehalennia Stedelijke Scholengemeenschap, Netherlands via a videoconference session held on 18 November 2014 in the Middle Dept Computer Lab. Students from partners schools interacted with the students from the paired up school on the sub-topics of their respective projects, namely - Friendship; Weddings and Marriages; Festivals and Celebrations and Grandparents. The interaction also included a question-answer session in which students from the school and their counterparts in Europe reflected on culture and traditions of both the countries. Students of VALUES as well as ARTS sub group have uploaded colourful E-journals on the EUmIND portal.


GEOFEST 2014 was organised at City Montessori School, Lucknow from 7 to 11 November 2014. More than 75 schools from all over the world participated in the event. Students of BBPSGR participated in many events, namely, Model Making Geotoons, Collage Making, Geotech, Geotalk and Voice & Vision – a dance competition. Gaurav Thareja and Vanshika Sharma of senior team were awarded 'Certificate of Commendation' for their dance performance in the cultural event. Ishpreet Kaur was amongst the top 15 students in National Geography Olympiad. The event was a highly enriching & learning experience for the participants.


Middle Department organised an intercultural musical extravaganza 'Antar Dhwani 2014' on 11 November 2014, in the school auditorium. Students presented instrumental music compositions of different countries namely India, China, Scotland and Germany. The event was adjudged by Mr. Saptarishi Mondal, instrumental music teacher at BBPS, Dwarka and Mr Santa Singh, member of an Indian Fusion band, named 'Rishi Inc'. Students also prepared scrapbooks highlighting the culture, traditional instruments and famous instrumentalists of these countries.


Middle Department celebrated International day of older persons on 28 October 2014 in the school auditorium. The event paid homage to grandparents via a colourful Graffiti, a nostalgic skit on the theme, Antakshari and an enjoyable interactive session. A power point presentation highlighting the importance of such celebrations, rights of senior citizens and our duties towards them, was also presented. Students then filled a Questionnaire as a reflection of their understanding of the same.

Achievement at Eureka International 2014

Students participated in Eureka International 2014 an Inter-School event organised by City Montessori School , Lucknow from 25 to 28 November 2014. Five students from class V participated in various events like report making, 3D collage making, quiz and enactment of advertisement. Students got the first prize in the activity 'Dream Merchants' in which they wrote an advertisement on 'School Bag' and enacted it on stage. Students were guided by Mrs Monisha Malik Sabharwal and were escorted by Mrs Indra Chaturvedi. 60 schools from different countries participated in this event.


Under Face to Faith Programme, students of the Middle Department were engaged in a dialogue with the students of Government Girls High School, Pakistan; Al Azhar JHS 3, Indonesia and The Gurukul, Panchkula, India via a Video Conference on the topic, Compassion, on 8 September 2014.Another Video Conference on the topic, Peace, was held on 23 September 2014. Students of the Middle Department were engaged in a dialogue with the students of Gul Ursani High School, Ali Shahzad, Pakistan; Government Girls High School, GOR Colony, Pakistan; and Delhi Public School, Greater Noida.


The Senior Department organized an Inter House Competition "Tribal Treasures" on 29 August 2014 based on research and replication of tribal artworks in India and Africa. The competition involved two stages: preparation of a research folder and replication of a selected tribal artwork based on research. A speaker from each house presented the background of their allotted tribe with specials details of the chosen artwork. The art work included those of the Bedouins of North Africa, the Ashantis of West Africa, the Gonds of North India, the Santhals of East India among others. The competition provided students with an opportunity to connect with people of different countries through the medium of art.


Under the aegis of ISA, International Community Club for Children organised a grand exhibition 'Magnificent Seven-An Odyssey' showcasing the splendour and grandeur of the seven wonders of the world in the school auditorium on 14 August 2014. The cultural fiesta was a vibrant amalgamation of displays depicting art, culture and lifestyle of the seven architectural marvels and their impressive mini replicas-The Taj Mahal (India) ,The Colloseum (Italy), The Machu Picchu (Peru), Christ, The Redeemer (Brazil), The Chichen Itza (Mexico),The Petra (Jordan) and The Great Wall of China (China). Currency Exchange Counter were setup where Indian currency was exchanged with the currency of other countries to buy entry tickets for each monument. Informative travel brochures were distributed to the guests to give information about the geographical location and architecture of the monuments. Young guides dressed in national costumes of the seven countries accompanied the guests on an enjoyable and informative sojourn to the fantastic seven. Special invitees on the occasion were Chief Guest Mr. Arunabh Singh, British Council School Ambassador and Director, Innovations, Nehru World School; parents; members of PTA and Alumni. Individual letters with a write up about the programme along with photographs and travel brochure of the particular monument have been sent to the respective High Commissions/ Embassies .


As part of the ISA project – 'Hindustan Greets Nippon', a sports event, focusing on indigenous games-'KhoKho' from India and 'Hana Hana Hana Kuchi' and 'Mr. Daruma Fell Down' from Japan, was organised for students of classes I to III in August. Students were introduced to the rules and method of the games through comprehensive PPT & Models and demonstrations by sports teacher as well as the class teachers. They also attempted a quiz based on the acquired knowledge and skills. Inter class matches were organised and the winning teams were awarded.


Under the aegis of EUmIND project, 20 students from Middle Department uploaded self - introductions and action plans on the EUmIND portal as a part of the project titled VALUES15. Students will further, execute the action plan in groups of five on selected themes, namely - Friendship; Weddings and Marriages; Festivals and Celebrations and Grandparents. Participants are looking forward to present their online journals and interact with their counterparts in Europe through Video Conferences.


Aashna Mehendru (X H), Chahat Jain (IX H) and Utkarsh Gupta (XI-B) participated in the project, Water Works, an initiative by Goethe Institut in collaboration with the University of Bremen and the Institute of Science. The students prepared an e-comic strip titled 'Small is Beautiful', highlighting the socio-political aspect of water distribution in India. The contest was held at an international level wherein students from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan,Sri Lanka and Bangladesh participated.


As part of the ISA action plan, students of the Senior Secondary Department participated in an Inter House Competition 'Homes Go Green' on 25 July 2014. Eight teams from different houses were allotted four developed and four developing countries namely Australia, Bangladesh, China, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia and USA. They studied key aspects of Green Homes such as energy conservation, waste disposal, material efficiency and rain water harvesting and presented their research compilation in the form of research folders and PPTs. The competition aimed at comprehending environmental issues, sharing good practices across the world and awakening to the imminent need for global sustainable development.


On 7 July 2014, a video conference was held between students of Middle Department of our school, BBPS Noida and Meerut Public Girls' school on the topic 'Faith, Values and Communities'. Students shared their views on what they like about their community and what they would like to change. Most of the students perceived Secularism as the most positive aspect of Indian Society. They want to change the nature of Indian society from a male dominated one to a more egalitarian society. They also voiced their concern on how religious beliefs like immersion of idols were affecting the environment. The session ended with the facilitator soliciting what the students had gained from the conference.  


International School Award Activities

World Book & Copyright Day Celebrations
Interactive Session - Under the aegis of ISA, Senior Department celebrated the World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April 2014, with an Interactive Session with two eminent guests namely Dr Amitabha Bagchi , well known writer of fiction and Ms C M Anand, scientist category 'F', NISCAIR,CSIR. The activity drew focus to the promotion of literary works and love for books and reading. Dr Bagchi spoke about how love for reading books can be channelized into writing of fiction. Ms C M Anand made an informative presentation on copyright laws and the challenges faced by infringement of copyrights.
Drop Everything and Read Activity - The entire school came together for an hour of silent reading on 24 April 2014 from 7.45 am to 8.45 am as a part of 'Drop Everything and Read Activity'. This session of reading a book of personal choice for an undisturbed hour by the Principal, staff members and the students proved to be a deeply satisfying experience.


British Council School Ambassador

Vice principal, Ms. Gangwani, in the capacity of BCSA was invited to assess ISA dossiers. The assessment procedure was held at Chennai from 21 to 24 March 2014. There were 20 BCSAs from all over India who were invited to take part in the assessment, five from each of the four regions-North, South, East and West. Ms Geeta Gangwani rendered her services in devising a revised checklist for assessment of ISA action plans on 5 April 2014. Ms Gangwani, with a group of BCSA's, moderated all action plans submitted from Schools in North India in accordance with the revised checklist on 28 May & 5 June 2014.

ISA Activities

Cartoon Character DepictionCompetition
A cartoon character depiction competition was organized by Primary department, Pusa Road Campus under the aegis of ISA ( International School Award )on 8th May 2014.The activity was a part of the project "HINDUSTAN GREETS NIPPON "an initiative taken to familiarise the students with the culture and traditions of Japan. The students of classes I and II participated in the competition. Theywere colourfully dressed up as famous cartoon characters from Japan and India. The competition was aimed at acquainting the students with some famous cartoons from Japan and also help them imbibe positive values from these characters. The Vice-Principal Ms. GeetaGangwani and Headmistress Ms. Mamta Malik graced the occasion and encouraged the students. The performance of the students was applauded by both teachers and parents. Theprogramme concluded with a small interactive session with the students in which a brief life sketch of these cartoon characters and positive qualities were highlighted.

Special Assembly – Costumes of India
A special assembly was organized on 12.8.14 by the Primary Department, Pusa Road Campus as an ISA activity. The theme for the assembly was Costumes of India. The activity was a part of Eumind Project-Europe meets India, an endeavour to promote global collaboration and partnership among students. The students dressed up in colorful costumes from different , states of India also narrated some interesting facts about their respective state. Some of the states represented by the students were – Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Assam, West Bengal,Punjab and Haryana. The culmination of the programme was very enthralling as all the participants came together on the stage depicting the unity in diversity in India.The culturally laced event enthused both the audience and participants.