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German-Indian Classroom : Envisioning School

A Joint Project by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Max Mueller Bhavan (MMB) New Delhi

About the Project

German-Indian Classroom is a program supporting collaboration between Indian and German schools. The program constitutes project work carried out over a period of one year with two integrated exchange phases. Under its aegis, Bal Bharati, Ganga Ram and Genoveva Gymnasium, Germany have been working collaboratively for a year on a joint curriculum plan titled 'Envisioning School : What learning is like in India and Germany - and what it could be'.

Implementation of the project consists of working on mutually agreed subthemes and sharing the outcomes on fortnightly basis. The collaboration is executed through bi-weekly discussions and evaluation of work results via Skype, email, social networks etc. and uploading it on a common portal called Pasch Net. Students explored the education system by working on different aspects like teaching-learning methodology, time table, curricula etc. in their own as well as partner country. In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge of the project's subject, regular contact has helped the partners to form lasting relationships and increase their knowledge of the other country.

The virtual collaboration was further strengthened with the visit of a 13 member German delegation in November 2014 subsequently followed by visit of Indian delegation to Germany in May 2015. The visits provided opportunities, not only to work on the project but also to learn and appreciate the education system, religion and social cultural milieu of the partner country.

Project Work

  •   Getting to Know Each Other
  •   Reflecting on One's Fears and Goals
  •   Schools in Germany and India working on different aspects
    •   Students discussed the simmilarities and differences in the respective school systems in the following areas- Time Table, Examination System, Scholastic Subjects, Co curricular, Infrastructure and inculcation of life skills.
    •   Visiting schools in India and Germany
    • Visit to Motilal Nehru School of Sports,Rai,Sonepat and Bal Bharati Public School, Pusa Road Campus

      Visit to Sports School,Germany and KGS Katholische Grundschule Lindenburger Allee, Germany

    •   Comparison on school life : Students from both schools made collages showcasing their school life and shared them with each other.
    •   Exchange of Indian and German movies projecting recognition of individual potentials -Click here for Email  
  •   Exchange Programme

      Participation of German teachers and students in Indian School life

      Understanding daily school life
      Understanding primary system of education
      Exploring Physics Lab
      Hands on experience- Madhubani Painting
      Observing an English class
      At Motilal Nehru School of Sports,Rai

      Participation of Indian teachers and students in German School Life.

      Displaying the projects done
      Discussing Project Work in groups
      Working in Chemistry Lab
      Learning the German Dance steps
      Stretching Limbs-The German Way
      Showcasing the work done together


  •   German Delegation in India
      •  Welcome


    •  Bonding with host families
    •   Having fun with Indian Partners  
  •   At School
  • Visit of Indian Delegation to Germany
    •   Welcome
    • Bonding with host families

  • Beyond School




    • Community Outreach