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International Community Club

The Children for International Community Club organized a presentation 'Some Persons Never Die' on 5 February 2014. The members of the club prepared projects on important personalities of the world who are no longer alive. They highlighted the life and contributions of great leaders like Nelson Mandela, Madam Curie, Louis Braille, Edwin Hubble, etc through project files and charts. Prizes were given to students in the 'Best Project and Presentation' and 'Best Speaker' categories. Archa Sahi of V A and Arshia Sahi of V H secured the first position for the ' Best Project and Presentation'. The second position was secured by Vaatsalya Babbar, Arjun Dev Kapur and Yatharth Khanna of V A. Anshika Chauhan of V H and Nandini Nagpal of V F were adjudged the 'Best Speakers'.

The children for International Community Club organised an activity 'Know Thy Country' a PowerPoint Presentation on India's neighbouring countries. Students prepared presentations on the eight neighbouring countries China, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar & Bangladesh. The presentation highlighted the location, capital, history, government and culture of the countries.