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Safer Roads,Safer India: Classrooms with a Cause

About the Project

Classroom with a cause is a program under the aegis of UL and YSA. The program is sponsored by UL as part of their Safety Smart program. Safety Smart is aimed at empowering youth to make smart decisions at home, school and throughout the communities. YSA supports a global culture of engaged children and youth committed to a lifetime of meaningful service, learning and leadership.

Their mission is to help young people find their voice, take action and make an impact on vital community issues. Under this program Ms.Reetu Dawar, as one of the grantee was introduced to the Classrooms with a cause curriculum resources and support that YSA can provide. She had an opportunity to network with peers and was equipped to implement a high quality project in the classroom.

Through these programs, our students will be:

* raising public awareness about road safety.

* educating their peers and community members to increase safe behaviors.

* leading community service projects that engage volunteers in addressing road safety issues and

* advocating for policies to increase road safety.

Road safety is the biggest public safety challenge that India faces, with an average of 15 deaths every hour caused by road accidents. Building on the Safer Roads, Safer India campaign, UL is partnering with YSA to support creative solutions from young students about how they can help create safer roads and a safer India. Now is a pivotal time for students to contribute and make the Safer Roads, Safer India campaign their own.

Activity 1: Visit to Traffic Training Park

The students visited the Traffic Training Park at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place, which enlightened them about traffic rules and road safety norms. They were involved in interactive activities and games. They were given tips on how to ride a bicycle, a motorcycle and the precautions they should take while riding them. The students also were made aware about the importance of foot over bridge while crossing a road. They learnt the importance of crossing the road via zebra crossing. It was a very informative trip, children enjoyed being a part of this project.

Activity 2: Power Point Presentation

A power point depicting the trauma experienced by road accident victims, was shown to the students. Thereafter an interactive session was organized in which the students were asked to identify ways in which they could contribute to avoid such accidents. Their response was overwhelming.

Activity 3 : School Assembly

A special morning assembly was organised for the students highlighting the importance of traffic rules and norms for safety on road. The students were made familiar with road signs and traffic symbols through colourful presentation using placards and sign boards.

Activity 4: Mobile Exhibition by Delhi Traffic Police

A mobile Exhibition was put by the Delhi Traffic Police at the Pusa Road Campus to sensitise the students. It displayed different traffic rules which should be followed by drivers and passengers while on road. Students interacted with the Traffic Police officials who enlightened them on various traffic related issues.

Activity 5 : Poster /Pamphlet/Car Sticker Making Activity

A poster making activity was organized in which the students made posters, pamphlets and car stickers on road safety. Students designed thought provoking posters using vibrant colours, which were appreciated by one and all. The same were displayed on the school display boards.

Activity 6 : Street Play (Nukkad Natak)

Street Play , a traditional form of theatre has been used as a tool to spread awareness on social issues along with entertainment. Our students used the medium to spread awareness about importance of traffic rules for safety on road. The play depicted the day to day situations we land up into due to people who do not follow traffic rules and put themselves and others at risk. Students through their musical presentation aimed at sensitising their peer group and teachers.

Activity 7 : Community Meeting

The school hosted a community meeting in Delhi on 10th January, Sunday for all the grantees for Safer Roads, Safer India Project after due permission from Mr.L.V. Sehgal, Principal of the School, at Pusa Road Campus. We discussed the activities that we had already taken up and planned totake up in future during the Road Safety Week (11th Jan to 17th Jan). Keeping in mind that the date for concluding the Safer Roads, Safer India Program was Jan 31, 2016, Road Safety Week (RSW) was thought of as an incredible opportunity to showcase all the work that we have been doing through our project. Since we had an off for the students till January 15, it was decided that the activities would be taken up from January 18,2016.

Activity 8: Audit

The students also conducted a Traffic Audit at Pusa Road roundabout. They observed the traffic and recorded their observations. The data collected included the traffic rules violations by the people and the students experience. The students enjoyed conducting the audit and shared their experiences with their peer group and teachers in the form of short write ups. The same will be included in the school annual magazine to be published at the end of this session.

Activity 9 : Awareness Campaign for School Bus Drivers and Staff Members

An awareness campaign was organised by the participating students and team members to sensitize the school bus drivers and staff members on the importance of traffic rules for road safety. The students distributed pamphlets stickers and handouts to the school bus drivers and staff members. A pledge was signed as a symbolic measure towards prevention of distracted driving and promote safety on road.