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School Vision

"To strive for better and better, not resting on one’s laurels; seek solutions not excuses, deliver results and serve the community by providing quality education."

School Mission

To develop scholastic personalities and impart knowledge to maximize skills and competences.

To impart wisdom that transforms mere knowledge into a meaningful initiative and enterprise for a harmonious and prosperous society.

To provide holistic education to society as a whole without prejudice or discrimination.

Equip the child to meet all challenges – social, moral and intellectual and comprehend human values.

To make students responsible, law abiding and enlightened citizens of a global society.

Instil traits of team work, empathy, patience, perseverance and respect of elders and mentors. To ensure sensitivity and commitment to environment and all beings to save the planet for future generation.


School Motto

"Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides" – derived from "Aa No Bhadra Kratvu Yantu Vishwatah".

Our school motto "Hanso Nayatu Naha Pragyam" is depicted in the image of a child astride a soaring swan moving constantly to new heights of learning and excellence. By achieving new heights and pinnacles, a stronger nation can be devised. Each Balbharatian is guided by the pure and wise swan that helps them embark a new journey each day, to new horizons. The mission is to let the children soar high beyond their capabilities with the guided halo of the teachers enveloping them.