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Scouts and Guides Club

Scouting Practical Session for Primary Department was organised in the School Premises on (Tuesday) 14 January 2014. A total number of 55 cubs and Bulbuls participated in the activity.

Scouting practical session was organised for the students of Middle and Primary Department on 26 July & 6 September 2014, respectively. Mentioned below are activities undertaken:

  • Scouting Oath
  • Scouting Cubs & Bulbul Motto
  • How to tie scouting flag
  • Flag song
  • Scouting Yells
  • Emergency drill
  • How to make a stretcher.
  • Scouting Gadget - How to make shoe stand

Following activities were conducted on 14 January 2014. :-

  • Scouting History Oath & Prayer
  • Laws of cubs & Bulbuls
  • First Aid- How to make stretcher
  • Injury Management
  • Scouting Yells & Claps

Students were also taught how to make a shelter tent with the help of bamboos and signaling.