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Workshops and Seminars

It is our constant endeavour to take learning beyond the confines of a classroom and make it an enjoyable experience for our students. Consequently, a wide array of workshops are regularly organized that not only help to give a hands-on experience but also motivate and inspire the learners to be worthy human beings.

Workshops for Students


A workshop on ‘Safe Internet Usage’ was conducted for the students of class V on 23 September 2015 in the school auditorium by the NGO, Jaago Teens. Through an impressive Puppet Show, the workshop guided the students to navigate internet safely. It was found to be a great learning experience for the young learners.


Twenty students from Middle Department accompanied by Ms Archana Bindal, TGT Science visited Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, on 3 August 2015 to see a ‘Model and Craft Display’. The students had displayed the models on the themes, ‘Robotics’ and ‘Saving Environment’, and also exhibited their working confidently. It proved to be a thought-provoking and good learning experience for our students.


The Awakened Citizen Programme by Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi was initiated in July 2015, for students of Class VIII. Sessions are being held for class VII as well. Amongst the sixteen sessions to be organized during 2015-16, for each of the two classes, the following were conducted during the period of the report:
Class VII
Developing Faith in Our Infinite Possibilities (10.7.15)
Human possibilities open to us(17.7.15)
Being Heroic (7.8.15)
Expanding Myself(7.8.15)
Class VIII

Developing Atmashraddha Part 3 and 4 (16.7.15)
Being Heroic Part 1 and 2(20.8.15)
Being Heroic Part 3 and 4 (24.8.15
Expanding Myself Part 1 and 2 (27.8.15)
Expanding Myself Part 3 and 4 (7.9.15)
Living in Harmony Part 1 and 2(10.9.15)
Living in Harmony Part 3 and 4 (12.10.15)


Structured Life Skills programme in collaboration with Envision India was initiated for classes IX and X in July 2015. Under the programme, a series of six workshops were held for class IX. The topics covered were Gender Sensitization; Positive Thinking and Attitude; Effective Communication Skills; Time Management and Prioritization; Self Discipline and Self Control; and Team Management. The sessions conducted for class X include Managing Emotions and Dealing with Aggression; Effective Study Skills for Better Performance; and Decision Making and Prioritization. These workshops were held in classrooms in an interactive manner using interactive boards. Some parents were also invited to attend the workshops. Feedback received from students, teachers and parents is positive.


On 4 February 2015, a Leadership Workshop for Prefectorial Board members was conducted in the Middle Department. Group activities (both indoors and outdoors) motivated the students to learn and imbibe important skills and values like team work, leadership, attentiveness, alertness and active participation.


In January, workshops were held on 'Mental Health and Adolescent issues'. The resource person, Ms Rupam Shah focused on guiding the children regarding different ways to say 'NO' to friends. She discussed different life situations and encouraged students to come up with their own solutions for handling peer pressure. She highlighted the need of good habits for success in life.
The iSmart Life Skill workshops held in February focused on 'Study Skills'. The workshops aimed at helping students to identify their individual learning styles. The need for a structured time table for students with fixed slots for curricular and co-curricular activities was emphasized by the resource person, Ms Rupam Shah. Tips to enhance concentration span, effective ways of note making and strategies to retain information were given.


Funtoot is an intelligent and adaptive personal tutor that teaches Mathematics in a fun and interactive manner. 1200 students from class III to class VIII are currently enrolled for the programme. The students work on Funtoot at their homes and their weekly usage report is tracked by their respective Maths teacher. The teachers help the students in reducing the learning gaps on the basis of the reports generated by Funtoot.

Value Education - The Awakened Citizen Programme

‘The Awakened Citizen Programme’ by Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi for students of class VII is being conducted by trained teachers- Ms Jyotsna Srivastava and Ms Soma Ganguly to inculcate values among the students. Five interactive sessions were conducted in October – December 2014. All the students participated actively in class explorations and open class discussions.

Life Skills Programme for Class IX students

A series of six workshops were conducted for students of class IX by ‘Envision India Eduservices’ to develop life skills for all around development of personality and behavior. The areas covered were Self Confidence, Building positive attitude and thinking, Effective communication, Time management, Self discipline & Team spirit. The workshops were interactive and were conducted using role plays, videos, self assessment sheets etc. Selected parents also attended the sessions.

National Interactive Dialogue-Student Voices  

Nitish Rai Parwani (Head Boy) and Pratishtha Widhani (Head Girl) of BBPSGR participated in the National Interactive Dialogue: Student Voices: Youth Vision on Women in 2030, Opportunities and Challenges, a collaborative venture of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and a High Level Committee on the Status of Women in India (H.L.C.W), Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. 78 students from 35 schools (including NPSC schools, Kendriya Vidyalyas, Navyug schools and NDMC Schools) across Northern India participated in the initiative.

Visit to Hotel Crown Plaza  

The students of Front Office Management of class XI & XII were taken for an industrial visit to Hotel Crowne Plaza, Rohini, New Delhi on 4, 5 & 6 September, 2014 in batches of 20 students each.The objective of the visit was to give the students an opportunity to analyze and learn about the hospitality sector, hotel systems and performances of the management of hotels. The tour included an orientation on the various departments and facilities provided by the hotel. The students were introduced to the basic functions of a working hotel which helped them to make a baseline assessment of the current practices followed in a hotel.


Class Date Conducted by Name of the workshop
III 8.2.16

Ganga Ram Hospital
Resource Person: Ms Latika Bhalla
Ms Mukul Arora

Good Touch, Bad Touch
XI & XII 7.10.15

NIIT University
Resource Person: Ms. Shantanu Das

Careers in Engineering
XII 3.9.15u

National University of Singapore
Resource Person: Mr. Indranil Das

Summer Camps at NUS
(Science and Economics)
V 8.9.15

Resource Person: Ms. Deepti Roy

Ways to conserve Electricity
XII 20.8.15

JINA (Institute of Actuarial Science)
Resource Person: Mr. Kunal Kumar

Actuarial Science as career
V 14.8.15

Resource Person: Mr. Rakesh Khatri

Environmental Issues
XII 5.8.15

Future Edge
Resource Person: Ms. Shruti Bansal & Mani Bansal

Careers after 10+2 Science
IV 29.7.15

Resource Person: Ms. Sumeeta Naveen

Decorative Gift Bags
VIII & IX 25.7.15

BVN - Anveshika
Resource Person: Ms. Pragya Nopani

Hands of experiment
III (A – H) 15.5.15

Book Nest
Resource Person: Ms Jalpa Bhatia

Paper Craft
XII (A,G,H) 23.4.15

Resource Persons: Dr Avdesh Sharma, Dr Sujata Sharma

Mind – Body Balance for youngsters
XII (A-H) 22.4.15

Resource Person: Mr. Rajiv Gokhlany

Motivational Cum Guidance Seminar
XII (A,E,F,G & H) 21.4.15

Ashoka University
Resource Person: Ms Kanchi Khanna

Careers at Ashoka University
XII (A-H) 16.4.15

Pearl Academy
Resource Person: Ms Pallavi Chauhan

Careers in Designing
III 27.2.15
Scholastic India Pvt Ltd.
Resource Person :Ms. Simi Srivastava
Story Telling
II 12.2.15
BBPS, PR Campus
Resource Person :Ms. Neelam Chopra
Paper Flower Making
I 28.1.15
Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd.
Resource Person :Mr. Ranjit Bhaat
Puppet Show
X 12.12.14
Times NIE
Resource Person :Ms Jayshree
Goal Setting
V - X 20.11.14

Cummins India Pvt.Ltd
Resource Person: Ms Swati

Coach them young Environmental Campaign
IV & V


Resource Person: Ms Ajay Vasudeva

Maths is Fun
IX 01.10.14
Envision India
Resource Person : Ms.Jyotsna Bhardwaj
Life Skill Workshop for class IX


Resource Person: Ms Ajay Vasudeva

Maths is Fun

(A to H)


Pidi Lite
Resource Person: Ms Tina

Folder Making and Decorating Craft

(A,G & H)

Oberoi Centre of learning & development
Resource Person: Ms Priya Aggarwal (Senior faculty – Step food & beverage) ,Mr. Gaurav Prashar (Senior faculty )

Step – Programme at Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development

IX - XII 02.09.14

Career Plus

Resource Person: Delegates from six universities – University of Sheffield, Leeds, Leeds Beckett, Middlesex, Sussex and Essex

UK Education Day

IV & V


HT Pace
Resource Person : Mr.Bhargava Ram Reddy , Mr.Vivek Yadav

Science is fun


(G & H)


Resource Person: Ms. Swati Singla

Story Telling


(A to H)

Resource Person: Ms Vandana Tandon

Memory Retention


(A to H)



Resource Person: Ms Ira Sehgal

Creative Writing

XI & XII 20.08.14

Pearl Academy
Resource Person: Ms Pallavi Chauhan

Careers in Designing & Management by Pearl Academy

XII 19.08.14

Centre for career development
Resource Person: Mr. Jitin Chawla

Scope after 10+2
Session I - Commerce/ Humanities
Session II - Science



Resource Person :Retd. Maj Gen P K Saighal

Careers Changing Trends after 10+2


23.07.14 30.07.14

Expressions India and CBSE
Resource Person: Dr. Jitendra Nagpal
Peer Assessors Training in Life Skills & Well Being
X 8.5.14 The Hindu (NIE)
Resource Person: Ms Jasvinder Notay, Ms Neetu Khilani
Dignity of Labour & Self esteem
XI 7.5.14 The Hindu (NIE)
Resource Person: Ms Jasvinder Notay, Ms Neetu Khilani
Anger Management
VII 2.5.14 Hriday (NGO)
Resource Person: Dr Vipul Jain, Mr Raldolph Fernandz  
Healthy Children Happy Children  
X to XII 1.5.14 FFL – Aviation (Germany)
Resource Person: Mr Niranjan Ajmani  
FFL German Aviation Program for Pilot Training  
XII 29.4.14 & 30.4.14 BBPS, Dwarka
Resource Person: Mr Jatin Chawla
Bal Bharati Career Fair – Career Conclave 2014  
XII 21.4.14 Pratham Organisation
Resource Person:Mr Ankit Kapoor Ms Jibani
"Changes in DU Curriculum & Courses"
(23 students)
14.03.14 Sahitya Akademi
Resource Person : Ms. Anupa Lal, Ms. Kamaljeet Neelo
Story Telling Session & Poetry Writing Competition
Ayaan Jiandani (III-G)
Hridyansh Kapoor (III-G)
21.02.14 Australian High Commission
Resource Person: Mr. Chris Nixon & Mr. Neelam Chopra
Children's Literary Innovation Workshop
II & III (Craft Club Members) 20.02.14
Resource Person : Ms. Neelam Chopra, Ms.Deepshikha Khanna
Craft Workshop
IX 19.02.14 HT PACE
Resource Person :Ms. Manisha Mediratta
Stress Management
X 19.02.14 HT PACE
Resource Person :Mr.Bhaavesh
Career Counselling
IV 11.02.14 HT PACE
Resource Person :Mr. Ajay Vasudeva
Vedic Mathematics
V 03.02.14 HT PACE
Resource Person :Ms. Anuradha Majumdar
Social Etiquettes


(2 Peer moderators per section)


Resource Person: Ms Surbhi Aggarwal , Ms Nandini Mahajan

‘Go Whole Grains’
VIII 27.12.13

Hindu NIE

Resource Person: Ms Jaishree Mehta
Time Management & Global Setting
XII 20.12.13

Pratham, an NGO

Resource Person: Mr Abhinav
Changes in the courses offered by Delhi University

19.12.13 &


Hindu NIE

Resource Person: Ms Zina Mangat
Christmas Tree Decoration & Christmas Card Making
IX 26.11.13

Hindu NIE

Resource Person : Mr Jaswinder Notay
Story building


& 21.11.13

Hindu NIE

Resource Person : Mr Vivian Mahajan
Powe of Focus

19.11.13 &


Hindu NIE

Resource Person : Mr Neil Vincet
Mind Power
XII A & G 28.10.13 Nursery Teacher Training Institute, Pusa Road
Resource Person: Ms Nanu Reekhi (Principal, NTTI)
Career Counselling for Nursery Teachers Training/ ECCE Course
XI 13.8.13 Resource Person:8 Delegates from UK in association with British Council Career workshop on designing
For photography club 8.8.13 Resource Person:Pankaj Mehta, Professional photographer with IPL Photography career workshop
V 8.8.13 Resource Person: Ms. Sanjana Kumar Thali Decoration workshop conducted by H.T.
IV 7.8.13 Resource Person: Ms. Sanjana Kumar Flag Making workshop Conducted by H.T.
10 students from Classes VI to VIII 1.8.13 & 2.8.13 Resource Person: Korean Doll Making organized by Korean Cultural Centre
X & XI 22.7.13 Resource Person:Mr. jitin Chawla Study effectiveness by Centre for Career Development
XI 15.7.13 Resource Person:Maj. Gen P K Sainghal(Retd.) Motivational Talk on maintaining, Discipline Character, Integrity
X to XII 21.7.12 WORDZ – A debating Society
Resource Person:Mr Rajat Rai Handa
MUN Training
X 19.7.12
SOS Outreach, Sant Ram Kripal Ashram
Resource Person:Mr Surinder Oberoi
Non Violence
VI 15.5.12
The Times of India
Resource Person:Ms Jaishree Mehta
Spell 'O' Fun
III 14.5.12 The Times of India
Resource Person:Ms Alka Gaba
Puppet Making
IV & V 7.5.13 & 8.5.13 HT PACE
Resource Person:Ms Geetu Khimani
Hand Made Crafts for Door Decoration
IX & X 7.5.12 Jaago Teens
Resource Person:Ms Usha Subramaniam & Ms Leena Garg
Cyber Security
III 17.04.12
The Times of India
Resource Person:Ms Sangeeta Aggarwal
Paper Bag Making

Workshops hosted by the school

Class Date Conducted by Name of the workshop
Students from different schools of Delhi and NCR 7.04.11 SPACE(Science Popularization Association of Communicators and Educators) All India Asteroid Search Campaign- Phase II
Students of numerous schools of Delhi and senior citizens living in Rajinder Nagar 25.05.11 Delhi Police (Rajinder Nagar) Delhi Police Senior Citizen Programme

Workshops for Teachers

Teachers are the most invaluable resource of an educational institution. They not only transact curriculum but are also responsible for generating an enthusiasm for learning and a spirit of enquiry among the learners. It is therefore, necessary that faculty members are kept abreast of changing paradigms in education and all its related aspects. In service training programs and workshops are a regular feature at Bal Bharati.


A workshop on “Weebly Training” under EUmIND project was held in our school on 26 September 2015. Mr D’Monte, Chairperson of EUmIND Delhi Chapter coordinated the workshop. Through an interesting interactive session, Ms Reetuparna Ganguly trained teachers to use ‘Weebly’, a website builder and its various tools. The teachers are equipped to further train students in the art of website making. Certificates were awarded to all schools for their meritorious contribution and participation in the EUmIND project during the previous session. The session was attended by Ms Reetu Dawar (Asst. Teacher) and Ms Ruchi Sethi (TGT Computer) along with two teacher representatives each from five other schools.


A one day sensitisation workshop on vocational education, with specific reference to Financial Marketing Management was organised jointly by the CBSE and NSE for Principals and senior teachers on 16 July 2015 at our school. It was attended by 300 principals and senior teachers from different CBSE schools of Delhi and NCR. Vice Principal, Ms Geeta Gangwani while welcoming all, highlighted the need for skill development. The workshop Overview was presented by Mr G C Sharma, Head – Financial Education. The role of NSE in promoting Financial Marketing Education was explained by Ms Rana Usman, Senior AVP, NSE, Delhi. Thereafter the Director, (Voc. and Edusat) Mr M V V Prasada Rao, highlighted how Financial Marketing Management (FMM) would fall under the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) at Level I and Level II, for the academic year 2015-2016. He further added that the course has been developed to increase the count of employability skills in candidates for the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry. A question –answer session followed along with on-the-spot affiliation to start FMM in schools.


Bal Bharati Public School, Ganga Ram Hospital Marg hosted a workshop 'Articulate' for Art teachers on 31 January 2015. The workshop was organised by Pitambar Publishing Co. Pvt Ltd and Rising Sun Publishing Co. About 60 teachers, from 17 reputed schools in the capital, participated in the workshop which aimed at evolving strategies for inculcating in students a love for activities related to Art. The Resource persons for the day were eminent Art Educators, Ms Rekha Gupta and Ms Madhumita Nandi. The workshop focused on Skill Development, Exploring Creativity, Colouring, Paper Cutting, Line Drawing and Craft Work. The hands-on experience during the workshop was found to be highly enriching by all.

Date Workshop Resource Person Attended by
28.1.16 MUN

Sadhu Vaswani School, Dhaula Kuan

Ms.Rupinder Kaur
16.2.16 & 17.2.16 A Learning Revolution for Sustainable Developement Goals NPDC
Resource Person: Prof. Anant Agarwal Prof. Yajulu Medury Prof. C. Rajkumar Mr. YSK Seshu Kumar Ms. Prathibha Prahlad


Ms. Neenu Singh, Ms. Sanju Sehgal
26.2.16 Sex Education & relationship Management in the Classroom

The Story Wallahs- A Banglore based story telling organization
Resource Person: Ms. Ameen Haque

Ms. Anjali Kaushik Chadha
5.10.15 Introduction to Core Skills

British Council
Resource Person: Ms. Preeti Ojha, Ms. Charu Bajaj

Ms. Geeta Gangwani & Ms. Sunita Gehani
3.10.15 Phonetics

Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarka
Resource Person:Ms. Leena Kapoor

Ms. Manila Dhawan, Ms. Mridula Ghai, Ms. Shivani Arora & Ms. Aashna
3.10.15 Positive Parenting

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Auditorium, Delhi Cantt
Resource Person:Ms. Sudha Gupta

Ms. Neerja Bhardwaj, Ms. Neetu Khurana & Ms. Prerna
28.9.15 Developing Activities in Biology for Encouraging Analytical and Creative Thinking amongst Learners: A Pedagogical Endeavour

Nehru Learning Centre for Children and Youth Teen Murti, Chanakyapuri
Resource Person:Prof. Yukti Sharma

Ms. Ritu Rohtagi
24.9.15 National Convention for School Counsellors (managing Adolescents in Class Room)

Institute for Counsellor Training Research and Consultancy (ICTRC)

Ms. Anjali Kaushik Chadha
21.9.15 to 22.9.15 Capacity Building Programme – Framing of MCQs and Review Existing Class –III Math Book

BBPS Training Centre, Pitampura
Resource Person:Prof Anup K. Rajput Prof Dharam Prakash

Ms. Lata Goel, Ms. Kaveri Kamra & Ms. Anjali Grover
21.9.15 Teaching in a Globalised World: Critical Thinking and Creative Class Work

Indian School of Business Finance
Resource Person: Ms. Lynme Roberts

Ms. R B Gupta & Ms. Richa Gakhar
19.9.15 In search of Humane Society

Springdales, Pusa Road
Resource Person:Ms Aruna Roy Prof. Debashis Chatterjee

Ms. R B Gupta
8.9.15 UL Safer Roads, Safer India Classrooms with a cause Program

India International Centre
Resource Person: Mr. Scott Ganske

Ms. Reetu Dawar
7.9.15 Effective Teaching of Environmental Education in school

Springdales, Pusa Road
Resource Person:Ms Radhika Suri

Ms. Lata Goel
7.9.15 Higher Education at Australia (Go8 Universities)

Australian High Commission
Resource Person:Ms Amanda Dey & Go8- University delegates

Ms. Anjali Kaushik Chadha
2.9.15 & 3.9.15 Subject Specific Training prohramme in Chalenging Areas in English Core of class XII

Resource Person:Ms. Ruchi Senger & Ms. Rajni Jemini

Ms. Nita Nijhara & Ms. Neenu Singh
18.8.15 Library Unplugged

Resource Person:Mr. Amit Kapoor, Mr. sarvesh Srivastava & Mr. Vikas Sharma

Ms. Rita Razdan, Ms. Meenakshi Talwar & Ms. Sapna Chugh
12.8.15 Teacher training Programme for the Literacy coordinator of DSLP

Spring Dales School, Dhaula Kuan
Resource Person: Ms. Bhatt

Ms. Sandhya Thapar

8.8.15 &


Workshop for teachers of Computer Science in Sr. Sec School

IIT Delhi
Resource Person: Ms. Neha Bhatia

Ms. Vinita Dhawan
4.8.15 National Summit of school Principals on prevention and Mgmt. of Mental health problems in school children

ICTRC (Institute of Counselor training Research & Consultancy)
Resource Person:Prof. V.S. Ravindern & Mr. Uttpal Ghosh

Ms. Sunita Gehani
27.7.15 Developing Assessment for Learning Inproving students achievement

DPS School, Maruti Kunj
Resource Person: Ms. Gareth Baterip

Ms. Ranie Arora
25.7.15 Tarining for examiners

Goethe Institute
Resource Person: Ms. Sangeeta Pahwa

Ms. Sabina Chowdhary
24.7.15 Changes in Accountancy

Sultan Chand & Sons
Resource Person: Mr. GS Grewal
Mr. RK Khosla

Ms.Vaneeta Gupta
4.7.15 Workshop for Commerce Teachers

Commerce Teacher Association
Resource Person:

Mr. D. K. Goyal
Ms. Richa Gakhar
26.6.15 to 28.6.15 German Indian Classroom Programme

Robert Bosch Foundation:
Resource Person:
Ms. Annette Gisevius
Ms. Britt Slopianka

Ms. Gabriella Hornung

Ms. Sabina Chowdhary

Ms. Deepika Bhasin

25.5.15 to

New Techniques, Technology and Current Trends in Pedagogy of French as a Foreign Language

BLEC Teacher Training Program

Resource person: Mr. Pierre Yves Roux
Ms Arti Singhal
14.5.15 IB Diploma – Its relevance in the 21st Century British Council Ms. Meena Malhotra
25.4.15 Dynamic Living

Chinmaya Mission

Resource person: Mr. Swami Chirupananda

Ms Richa Gakhar

Ms Ruchi Sethi
4.4.15 Stress Management : Reach the Teach Programme Workshop

BBPS,PR Campus

Resource Person: Dr. Ashish Bawa
All Primary & Montessori Teachers

30.1.15 to 31.1.15

Creative Enhancement Programme for Developing Teaching Skills

Resource Persons: Dr. Madhupant

Dr. Ashish Ghosh

Dr. Vimlesh Kantt Verma

Ms Anuradha Narula

2.2.15 & 3.2.15

Activities and Assessment for the Differentiated Classrooms

Ms. Carolyn H Coil

Ms Neenu Singh

Ms Meera Bhatnagar

Ms Sonia Sharma

Ms Tanushi Gupta

Ms Reena Sharma

30.1.15 to 31.1.15

Creative Enhancement Programme for Developing Teaching Skills

Resource Persons: Dr. Madhupant

Dr. Ashish Ghosh

Dr. Vimlesh Kantt Verma

Ms Anuradha Narula

2.3.15 to 4.3.15

Curriculum Mapping Workshop

British Council at Hotel KempinskiAmbience, Karkardooma

Resource Person: Ms Rittika Chandra Parruck   

Ms Renu Sharma

Ms Reetu Dawar

19.215 & 20.2.15

Education for Social Engagement & Responsibility

NPSC at India International Centre

Resource Person: Mr Shekhar Gupta Mr Rahul Bose

Dr Meenakshi Gopinath

Mr Bharat Sharma

Mr Amir Raza

Ms Rama Vaidyanathan

Dr Mahesh Rangarajan

Prof. Shiv Vishvanathan

Dr Nirmalya Samantha

Mr. Dhruv Sangari

Dr S S Bedi ( IAS)

Ms Shailja Nagpal

Ms Priyanka Kakkar


Careers in Germany

Max Muller Bhavan

Resource Person: Ms Jagriti Budhiraja

Mr Manveen

Ms Anjali Kaushik


‘Transforming Public Libraries in India’ Library Science – A Reading Space for Common Indians: IPLC and Beyond

India Public Libraries Conference (IPLC) & Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF)

Resource Person: Dr H K Kaul (Director – DELNET)

Ms Rita Razdan


9.2.15 & 10.2.15

Global Teaching Accreditation

British Council

Resource Person: Ms Augie Cook

Ms Geeta Gangwani

Ms Arpita Katyal

1.2.15 to 3.2.15


Goethe Institut, Max Muller Bhavan

Ms Sabina Chowdhary


Articulate – Workshop for Art Teachers

Pitambar Publications

Resource Person: Ms Rekha Gupta

Ms Madhumita Nandi

Ms Deepshikha

Ms Natasha Jain

Ms Preeti Jaggi

Ms Mridula Ghai

Ms Gurpreet Kaur

Ms Reena Sharma

Ms Hittu Anand

Ms Divya Khanna

Ms Isha Rawal

21.1.15 to


UN Teachers Forum

UN Information Centre, Lodhi Road

Resource Person : Mr Brainwiz

Ms Shashi Sahni

19.1.15 to 21.1.15

Awakened Citizen ProgrammeD

Ramakrishna Mission

Resource Person: Ms Priya

Ms S K Jain

Ms Sunita


Development of OTBA Question Bank


Ms R B Gupta


Initiate the Syllabus of Yoga

Resource Person: Ms Nivedita Joshi

Ms Mamta Malik


Effective Phonics Teaching with the Letters and Sounds Programme

British High Commission
Resource Person: Ms Jai Mehta

Ms Seema Sharma


Child Safety – Issues & Prevention

ITL Public School
Resource Person: Dr Roma Kumar
Dr B Imtiyaaz

Ms Anjali Kaushik

Ms Surabhi Seth



Salwan Public School, Rajender Nagar
Resource Person: Ms Kiran Malhotra

Ms Deepshikha

Ms Hittu Anand

15.11.14 to


TCS Ion Item Creation Course

Tata Consultancy Services
Resource Person: Prof. H R Srivastava

Mr Rajeev Maakan

Ms Poonam Sondhi


Teaching Physics through experiments

Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri
Resource Person: Mr. H C Verma

Ms Megha Gulati




Habilitation for becoming French Examiner (DELF A1 & A2) (Embassy of France)

Embassy of France in India
Resource Person: Ms Caroline Schmitt

Ms Aarti Singhal


Learning Life Skill

Quality Education Asia
Resource Person: Ms Roopam Shah

Ms Anju Arora
Ms Tripti Makin
Ms Meenakshi Talwar
Ms Maninder Kaur
Ms Bharati Tiwari
Ms Priyanka Kakkar
Ms Sandhya Thapar
Ms Jyoti Arya
Ms Surbhi


The Awakened Citizen Programme

Ramakrishan Mission
Resource Person: Ms Piya

Ms Shashi Sahni
Ms Prachi Sharma


ISA – Mid Session Briefing Workshop

Resource Person: Ms Preeti Ojha

Ms Pooja Ahuja


Face to Faith

Resource Person: Dr Ian Jamson ,Mr Tony Blair

Ms Alka Nagpal
Ms Ritu Bansal


Capacity Building in English -  Focus on Speaking & Listening

Quality Education Asia

Resource Person: Mr Gareth Baterip

Ms Pushpinder Kaur
Ms Sakshi Sharma
Ms Prachi Sharma



BBPS, GRH Marg, Pusa Road Campus
Resource Person: Mr Sach Sehgal

Class III Teachers


English –Phonetics, Spellings, Reading & Dictionary

Sadhu Vaswani International School
Resource Person: Dr Elaine Higgleton

Ms Monisha Malik Sabharwal


Creating and Using Flexbooks

EduPosse & Ck12
Resource Pesron: Dr Mona Mathur
Ms Neeru Khosla

Ms Geeta Gangwani


Explorers – Astronomy workshop

Resource Person: Ms Manali Deeka

All Primary Teachers


Tata Interactive Modules

Tata Class Edge
Resource Person: Ms Mandeep Kaur

All Primary Teachers



e-Dreams Edusoft Private Limited Resource Person: Mr. Naveen Mishra

Primary and Middle teachers of PR & GR campus


POCSO Act operationalizing & emerging implications

Expression India
Resource Person: Mr. Jitender Nagpal

Ms Anjali Kaushik
Ms Surbi Seth


Communication skills

Envision India Eduservices
Resource Person: Ms Jyotsana Bhardwaj

54 teachers of senior and middle department


MUN Training Session

Laxman Public School
Resource Person: Ex Students of Laxman Public School

Ms Shashi Sahni
Ms Anupam Sachdev


Conference of German Teachers

INDAF: Indo German Tearchers’ Association
Resource Person: Ms Puneet Kaur

Ms Sabina Chowdhary


Enhancing English Communication Skills

BBPS,GRH Marg, Pusa Road Campus
Resource Person: Ms Neera Chopra

All Primary & Montessori Teachers


Interactive Learning in German

Goethe Institut
Resource Person: Ms Manveen Anand

Ms Sabina Chowdhary


Pedagogical Practices on Number, Number Sense and Place Value for Classes I & II

Jodo Gyan
Resource Person:Mr E.M.Shah
Ms Komal Mangla

Ms Kunjan Bhutani
Ms Lipika Kalra


Early Maths- Pedagogical practices for Nursery and KG

Jodo Gyan
Resource Person:Mr E.M.Shah

Ms Sanjana Kalra
Ms Shelly Malik


Tata Class Edge

CBSE, NPSC and Expression India
Resource Person: Dr Jitendra Nagpal

10 teachers of Primary Department, Pusa Road


Capacity Building Programme on Pedagogy Strategies

Quality Education Asia
Resource Person: Ms Gareth Baterip

40 teachers of all departments


The National Council on School Based Counseling and Special needs services

CBSE, NPSC and Expression India
Resource Person: Dr Jitendra Nagpal

Ms Geeta Gangwani


Training: Evaluation in Fit in Deutsch

Goethe Institut
Resource Person: Ms Sangeeta Pahwa

Ms Sabina Chowdhary


High Level Launch of India Diabetes Information Pack (Project KIDS)

Resource Persons: Prof. K Srinath Reddy
Dr L Swasticharan

Ms Aarti Singhal


Leadership Development Programme

British Council
Resource Person: Mr. Stuart Higgins

Ms Meena Malhotra


Changes in Commerce  syllabus of class XII

Sultan Chand & Sons
Resource Persons: Mr G S Grewal , Mr R K Khosla

Ms Shailja Nagpal


Training for German Teachers

Goethe Institut
Resource Persons: Mr Olav Schroer , Ms Manveen Anand

Ms Sabina Chowdhary

27.6.14 to 29.6.14

Training for Project Managers of German-Indian Classroom 2014-15

Robert Bosh Foundation and Goethe Institute, Max Muller Bhavan Resource Person: Johanna Stracke Tanja Schulze 

Ms Sabina Chowdhary, Ms Deepika Bhasin  

18.6.14 to 20.6.14

School Leadership Developement

British Council Resource Person: Mr Sanjeev Narang, Mr Manish Singh  

Ms. Geeta Gangwani 


Reading & Writing with a difference for Dyslexia & Autism (Webinar)

Resource Person: Ms Shilpi Kapoor (Founder member barrio break)  

Ms. Surabhi Seth 


Life skills

Resource Person: Ms Jyotsana Bhardwaj (Coordinator,Prism Education 

All staff menbers 


Multiple Intelligence

Resource Person: Ms Kirti Shah (Special Educator)  

Montessori and Primary teachers  


Stress free living

Resource Person: Ms Veenu Malhotra (Co-ordinator for Karol Bagh area, Art of living)  

Montessori and Senior department teachers  

19.5.14 to 23.5.14

Photoshop Workshop for Computer Teachers  

M.N Creation, India Resource Person: Mr. Sachin Negi  

All Computer Teachers  

19.5.14 to 21.5.14

Professional Enhancement  

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person:Mr S N Chibber , Ms Namrata Markan
Ms Amarjeet Kaur  

All Primary teachers



Resource Person: Ms Karuna Narang (Member of Bench of Magistrate, Child Welfare Committee)  

Montessori, Primary and Senior department teachers  


Handling Students with Diabetes (Type I)  

Hriday (NGO) Resource Person: Dr Gaurang P Nazar  

Mont., Primary and Senior department teachers  


Decoding the Inclusive Curriculum: Challenges and Possibilities  

Auditorium Moolchand Medcity Resource Person: Mr J L Pandey, Captain Sunil Goyal Ms Asheema Singh  

Ms Surabhi Seth
Ms Neerja Bhardwaj  


 Interactive Multimedia Courses in CCE

BBPSTC, Pitampura Resource Person: Prof. Marmar Mukhopadhaya

Ms Jyotsna Gulati


 Disney Friends for Change – Conserving Green Spaces

Disney Friends/ Centre for Media Studies (CMS)

Ms Shashi Kala Jain


Workshop for PGT Maths teachers

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person:Dr A K Rajput, Prof. Ram Avtar, Prof. Dharam Prakash, Dr Rajpal Singh, Dr Ajit Singh

Ms Geeta Balani
Ms Kiranjeet Chugh


National Conference on School Education

CII at Indian Habitat Centre
Resource Person : Mr James Tooley, Mr Toby Linden, Dr Shyama Chona, Dr MVSV Prasad, Mr Gajendra Haidea

Ms Vaneeta Gupta


Workshop for onscreen marking of class X answer sheets

CBSE in collaboration with Tata Consultancy
Resource Person: Ms Moushmi

CBSE in collaboration with Tata Consultancy
Resource Person: Ms Moushmi


Unlocking Giftedness

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person: Dr. Inderbir Kaur Sandhu

Ms Surbhi Seth
Ms Neerja Bhardwaj


41st Annual NPSC Conference 2014
Topic: Collaborative learning for a diverse Milieu

NPSC Resource Person:
Mr R Govinda, Mr Pavan Verma, Ms Sharmila Tagore,
Ms Sayeda Hameed, Mr Gopal Kishan Gandhi, Dr Farooq Abdullah

Ms Vandana Sharma
Ms Jyotsana Srivastava


Mathematical Modelling

Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University
Resource Person: Dr Shobha Bagai

Ms Shalini Arora


Workshop for Economics teachers

Ramjas School, Anand Parvat
Resource Person:Ms Ambika Gulati

Ms R B Gupta

Ms Darshpreet Bedi


Using Technology in Teaching independent of Internet or LAN

Educo Soft, Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar
Resource Person: Mr Manmohan Singh

Ms Nidhi Bajaj

Ms Ruchi Sethi


Handling Maths textbook through project based learning

Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University
Resource Person:Ms Jyoti Sharma

Ms Vinita Mathur


Reflecting on school based assessment

Resource Person:Prof Jim Tognolini
Ms Sadhana Prashar
Ms Sarita Maniya
Mr Vineet Joshi

Ms Geeta Gangwani


Enhancing Creativity – Unleash Your Creativity

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person: Ms Inderbeer Kaur Sandhu

Ms J Srinivasan
Ms Vandana Sharma
Ms Sunita Verma
Ms Sanju Sehgal
Ms Maninder Kaur


Child Sexual Abuse (Awareness and Prevention)

BBPS, Rohini
Resource Person: Dr Rima Sehgal , Mr Bishore Jha , Ms Shuchi

Ms Sapna Bahl
Ms Sonia Batra


Briefing session for mock drill under DM Scheme

Directorate of Education
Resource Person: Mr Manoj Sharma

Mr Ravi Mahajan


Improving Classroom Assessment

CBSE, New Delhi
Resource Person: Ms Kalpna Kapoor

Ms Shashi Sahni
Ms Anuradha Narula


Use of ICT in Maths

Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University
Resource Centre: Ms Rashmi Kathuria

Ms Sunita Verma


Effective Classroom Management

Quality Education Asia
Resource Person: Ms Rupam Saha

Ms Charu Saxena
Ms Sandhya Thapar

04.02.14 & 05.02.14

Interdisciplinary Approach in Mathematics Teaching

Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University
Resource Person: Ms Jyoti Sharma

Mr Rajeev Maakan

04.02.14 Recent trends & challenges in counselling : finding solutions BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person: Ms Baroota, Ms. Rima Sehgal (Counsellor BBPS BV)
Ms Shweta Khurana
Ms Anju Marwah
Ms Surbhi Seth
Ms Neerja Bhardwaj
29.01.14 Grade Specific/ Concept Specific Math tools for Grades 1 & 2 Jodogyan
Resource Person: Mr. E K Shaji
Ms. R L Bhatnagar
Ms Lata Goel
Ms Tanushi Gupta
28.01.14 Grade Specific/ Concept Specific Math tools for kindergarten Jodogyan
Resource Person: Mr. Shah
Ms. Preeti Jaggi
Ms. Juhi Grover
15.1.14 Investor Awareness Programme on understanding the capital market

Company Secretary of India
Resource Person: Mr J K Baveja, Mr Bhupesh Anand

Ms Vaneeta Gupta Ms R B Gupta

9.1.14 &


Leading & Supporting High Achieving Schools

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person:Mr S K Bhattacharya
Prof. M Mukopadhyay
Mr P V Ramana Rao
Prof. M M Pant
Dr G Bala

Ms G Gangwani
Ms M Malhotra
Ms Sonika Babbar
Ms Nita Nijhara Ms Shailja Nagpal

18.12.13 Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) in Biology for class XI

Springdales School, Pusa Road

Resource Person: Mr Sandeep Sethi

Ms Ritu Rohatgi

16.12.13 &


Enhancing Professional Development

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person:  Mr G S Grewal
Mr Sandeep Sethi
Mr Praveen Bhatia
Mr L R Pathak
Mr Jitin Chawla

Ms Shailja Nagpal

16.12.13 &


Hindi Bhasha Pathan Padhti Evam Satat Mulyankan

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resorce Person: Dr Madhu Pant
Dr Sushil Gupta
Ms Geeta Budhiraja
Dr Madhvi Kumar

Dr Sharda Kumar

Ms Sunita Gehani
Ms S Bhatnagar

13.12.13 Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA) in Social Science & Science for class IX/X

Springdales School, Pusa Road

Resource person: Sugandha Sharma

Ma Anjali Virmani Ms Anju Marwah

12.12.13 &


Modern Assessment Theory

CBSE in collaboration with CAER

Resource Person: Ms Jayanti Prasad

Ms Nisha Negi Ms Megha Gulati

10.12.13 Child Abuse and Sexual Harassment  in school

Alliance Francias, Lodhi Road Estate
Resource Person: Mr M S Gill
Mr Jatin Chawla

Ms Suchi Gautam

Ms Surabhi Seth

7.12.13 Problem Solving Assessment Arya Publication
Resource Person: Prof R S Dhillon Ms Deepa Priya

Ms Meera Asthana
Ms S Khurana
Ms Neenu Singh
Ms Vinita Mathur
Ms Malini Dhall
Ms M Bhatnagar
Ms Maninder Kau

7.12.13 Assessment of speaking and listening skills

Pitamber Publication

Resource Person : Mr. Kiran Mishra

28 teachers teaching classes I to V

7.12.13 Value Education – Why, What and How? Rama Krishna Mission, New Delhi
Resource Person: Mr D Mukherjee, Mr V Srinivas

Ms M Malhotra

5.12.13 &


ICT Applications in Libraries

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person: Prof. Ram K Matoria, Dr. Praveen Babbar
Ms Poonam Singh, Mr Bharat Kumar

Ms M Talwar Ms Sapna Chugh

5.12.13 Environment, Climate Change & Livelihood & Sustainability’

Department of Environment & Forests

Resource Person : Ms. Rangarajan

Ms R B Gupta

29.11.13 &


Critical Thinking: Sharpening Thinking Skills of Students

BBPS Training Centre
University of Cambridge, U.K.

Resource Person: Dr Sandhu

Ms D Bedi
Ms K Chugh
Ms Anjali Virmani
Ms Shalini Arora
Ms Rupinder Kaur
Ms P Kakkar
Ms S Thapar
Ms Bharati Tewari

20.11.13 Bullying in School – Emerging implications and Challenges for school

Aiscap in collaboration with Tagore International School
Resource Person: Dr Jatin Nagpal
Dr Pooijashivam
Ms Pooja Bakshi
Ms Shivanee Sen
Dr Benjamin Basrali
Dr Saruj Sharma

Ms Surabhi Seth

17.11.13 Consciousness in Education

India International Centre
Resorce Person: Mr Udit Sharma

Ms Rashmi Sethi

Ms G Gangwani

7.11.13 &


Assessment of Listening & Speaking Skills

BBPS Noida
Resource Person: Ms Alka Rai

Ms Veena Bhasin

Ms Nita Nijhara
Ms Neenu Singh
Ms Pooja Ahuja Ms D Bhasin

26.10.13 Experimental Learning

Gurgaon Heritage School
Resource Person: Ms Aruna

Ms Surabhi Seth

28.10.13 &


National School Educator’s Conference 2013 Sustainable Development (TERI)
Resource Person: Dr Rajiv Seth
Ms Ranjana Saikia
Dr Pachori
Mr S Bhattacharya

Ms Shashi Sahni

28.10.13 &


Effective Classroom Management / PSA

BBPSTC, Pitampura
Resource Person: Mr L V Sehgal

Ms Neeta Rastogi

Ms Manjari Gupta
Ms Malini Chawla

28.10.13 &


Challenge in Teaching Chemistry

BBPSTC, Pitampura

Resource Person: Mr C K Seth, Mr S K Munjal

Mr Ravi Mahajan

25.10.13 Workshop for Mathematics Teachers

PP Publications
Resource Person: Mr P K Garg

Mr J C Nijhawan

Ms N Dhingra

23.10.13 I love my Library

Hippocampus Children’s Company,

Resource Person: Ms Ritwika Dwivedi

Ms Rita Razdan
Ms M Talwar , Ms Sapna Chugh

29.08.13 to 31.08.13 Teaching Of Social Science conducted by BBPS Training centre, Pitampura Ms. Namita Ranganathan, Lecturer CIE
Ms. Sarada Balagopalan,Centre for study of developing studies, Raipur

Ms Shashi Sahni
Ms Alka Nagpal

30.08.13 31.08.13 IAYP CLUB Mr. Kapil Bhalla, Director IAYP

Ms Satinder Kaur
Ms Kavita Bhatia

30.08.13 Implementing the India Specific CPD framework British Council at Ahlcon International School, Mayur Vihar Resource Person: Emma Sue Prince, UK ELT & Teacher Development expert Ms Neenu Singh
29.08.13 Introduction to the English Language British Council members

Ms Ruchika Agrawal

16.08.13 Need, Scope and Practical aspects of teaching Director & Lead Educational Consultant, Global Educational Services Ltd, U.K, Ashoka Hotel, Chankyapuri Resource Person: Ms Kanta Vadera (Consultant) Ms Raj Mehta (Director & Lead Educational Consultant Ms. Anupam Sachdev
Ms Monisha Sabharwal
7.8.13 to 9.8.13 Robert Bosch workshop 'Training of Pasch co-ordinators' Juliana Gloeckier Johanna Stracke Tanja Schulz Ms. Sabina Chowdhary
Ms. Deepika Bhasin
30.7.13 & 31.7.13 Role Play and Theatre Activities for social learning conducted by BBPS Training centre, Pitampura Diana J Feldman Ms. Anupam Sachdev
Ms. Sabina Chowdhary
Ms. Sakshi Sharma
Ms. Savita Mehta


The school in collaboration with Commerce Teachers' Association (CTA) organized a Professional Enrichment Programme on 11 July 2015 for 140 CTA members of schools in Delhi and NCR. The resource person, Dr. T.N. Chhabra, a renowned author, presided over the session that focussed on Changes in Curriculum of Business Studies for the session 2015-16. In view of the changed format of AISSCE Business Studies paper, Mr Chhabra also discussed questions based on real life case studies.

BBPS GR hosted EduPosse Workshop

BBPS, GR organized a workshop on "Open Educational Resources: Empower your Classroom" in collaboration with EduPosse on 12 May 2015 for the teachers of Mathematics and Science from different schools of Delhi and NCR. Resource person, Ms. Mona Mathur, Founder and CEO EduPosse, talked about common licensing and creating Flexbooks. She also focused on the need to encourage parents to get attuned to the official website www.eduposse.com and use the material present for the benefit of children. Vice-Principal, Ms Geeta Gangwani shared her experience of using Flexbooks on Eduposse platform for teaching Class XII Chemistry.

NPSC – UNIC DISCUSSION : The future we want

The Principal, Mr. L V Sehgal and Head Girl, Tanya Khattar participated in a discussion entitled “The Future We Want” which was organised by NPSC in association with United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) on 12 January 2015 at Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. The eminent panelist included UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi, UN Goodwill Ambassador (Bharat Ratna) Sachin Tendulkar, UNICEF National Ambassador Sharmila Tagore and Celebrity Advocate for UNICEF India Nandita Das. A core group of in-service principals from the Executive of the NPSC along with one student leader (girl/boy) from the various NPSC schools attended this invigorating discussion. 

Value Education Workshop

iSmart Teachers Workshop was conducted on 17 November 2014 for teachers of class VIII. The workshop was conducted by Ms Rupam Sah, Lead Learner from iSmart. The workshop aimed at empowering the teachers to take up the life skill workshops with their students.

iSmart conducted a Peer Mentor Workshop for 35 students of class VIII on 6 December 2014. The workshop was conducted by Mr Nishchay, Trainer from iSmart. Peer Mentors were chosen by ismart team on the basis of their active participation during the workshops conducted earlier. The workshop engaged the students in various activities like role play, hot potato etc to make them understand the ways by which they can render help by acting as mentors for the fellow students

An Interactive Session with Dalai Lama

20 Teachers and twelve members of Student Council from BBPSGR were among the fortunate group that attended an interactive session organised by the National Progressive Schools’ Conference (NPSC) with His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, at Springdales School, Pusa Road on 22 November 2014. An overwhelming 4000 audience included principals, educators and student leaders.

Addressing student leaders, His Holiness reiterated that they had a key role to play in the building of their future. While the 20th Century was one of violence, conflict and war, in the 21st Century they must try to build a peaceful world by promoting the ‘one-ness’ of seven billion human beings.

Mr L V Sehgal, Former Chairperson, Principal, BBPS GR rendered the formal vote of thanks.

Workshop on Onscreen Marking

A two hour long workshop was organized in BBPS GR by CBSE in collaboration with Tata Consultancy Services on 28 February 2014. The aim of the workshop was to train teachers for onscreen marking of class X answer sheets for 'Board Conducted Assessment'. Around 250 teachers, from Delhi and NCR schools, participated in the workshop.

Workshops for English Teachers

BBPSGR in collaboration with Goyal Prakashan hosted the workshop "Practical Teaching Strategies for Speaking and Listening in English" on 1 September 2012. Mr. Gareth Baterip, a graduate from the University of Hull, UK, was the Resource person. He is credited with many honours for his skill in teaching and also for conducting training sessions - the most recent being the Centre for Excellence Status by Early Year Unit, UK. The workshop was attended by 26 English teachers of classes IX-XII representing 11 schools from the Central zone of New Delhi. Focusing on the inclusion of Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills by CBSE in the new syllabus of classes 9 to 12, Mr. Baterip described interesting and innovative activities for testing these skills effectively even in large groups. The highly interactive workshop was found to be extremely useful. The workshop provided an insight into the importance of Speaking and Listening skills in ELT.

Workshops for Maths Teachers

BBPSGR in collaboration with PP Publications hosted a workshop for Maths teachers, teaching class IV to class VIII, on "Teaching of Mathematics" on 9 October 2012. Mr. P.K. Garg and Mr. J.C. Nijhawan, eminent mathematicians and authors of various Mathematics books were the resource persons. 124 teachers from 55 schools of Delhi and NCR attended the workshop.

Workshops for PGT Physics Teachers

BBPSGR, on behalf of National Progressive Schools' Conference, hosted a Workshop for PGT Physics Teachers on 30 November and 1 December 2012 in the school auditorium. The workshop was attended by more than 60 teachers from 40 schools of Delhi and NCR. The Workshop was conducted by Prof. H.C. Verma, Professor IIT (Kanpur); Dr. Ajoy Ghatak, former Professor, IIT (Delhi); Prof. N.K. Sehgal, Professor, Delhi University; and Mr. Suraj Prakash, Director, Bal Bharati Teachers' Training Centre, Pitampura. Mr. R.P. Sharma from C.B.S.E. and Dr. Punita Verma, Convener, DASE (Delhi Association of Science Education) and Associate Lecturer of Physics, Kalindi College, DU, graced the occasion as special invitees to the workshop. The workshop commenced with lighting of the lamp. Following the Welcome song presented by the school choir, Mr Sehgal in his inaugural address, highlighted the importance of teacher empowerment and the need to connect classroom teaching of physics to the daily lives of learners. Prof. Verma demonstrated and explained simple activities based on the Physics curriculum. Dr. Ajoy Ghatak focused on Optics; Quantum Mechanics; and Einstein's Mass-Energy Relation. Prof. N.K. Sehgal, through a PowerPoint presentation guided the participants to prepare a balanced question paper. In group activity, value based questions were formulated and discussed. Dr. Punita Verma bought to fore the urgent need to bridge the gap between teaching in school and university.

Workshops for Parents

Life Skill Workshop for parents of Secondary Department

Workshop for parents of classes IX & X was conducted on 6 December 2014 giving tips for ‘Positive Parenting’. The workshop aimed at equipping parents to guide their children in an effective way.

Workshop for Parents-"Aggression amongst children"

A workshop for parents was organized at BBPS PR Campus on ‘Aggression amongst children’ on    15 November 2014. The resource person Dr Indu Chaswal discussed forms and causes of aggression amongst children.

Workshop for parents - "Fire Safety under Disaster Management"

Workshop on Fire Safety was organised for parents of students at PR campus on 18 October 2014. A team of 26 firemen from Shanker Road Fire Station headed by Mr Sanjay Kumar Tomar (Divisional Officer, Delhi Fire Station) and Mr P. S. Dhaiya (Assistant Divisional Officer, Fire) conducted the workshop in the school premises. Mr Tomar elaborated on various reasons that may cause a fire hazard and the basic precautions that one must take to avert the same. Parents got a firsthand experience of handling a fire extinguisher. They also experienced a flight in the multilevel crane used for rescue operation.

Workshop for parents -"Role of Parents"

A workshop was organised for parents of commerce students of Class XII on 21 July 2012. The focus of the workshop was to discuss the role of parents the endowing the academic performance of the students at the Board Examination. The workshop was conducted by Mr S K Agarwala, an Alumni of BBPS, GR and Chief Mentor, Kshitij Education.